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Matt Passey

PHONE: (801) 520-4041
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About Matt Passey
Matt has been around since the beginning of "Call it Home" back in 2002 when the business was then called “Rental Finders”. He worked as a leasing agent, quickly shining as a top agent. He continued his real estate education and began putting large investment deals together. Matt purchased Rental Finders in 2008 and operated the business until 2012 when Aron Persing formed a partnership. Matt now works as the principle broker for the company. Matt has been very successful helping those looking for single family homes, condos, or townhomes. He likes a challenge and doesn't care if you are looking for a $60k condo or a $2 million home, he will do everything he can to help you achieve your goals. Even if that means figuring out a creative method such as selling financing options. In addition Matt has successfully helped many investors grow or liquidate their portfolio; Anywhere from owner occupied duplexs to muilti million dollar, multi unit properties. Working with Matt is nothing short of a comedy show, not only will you have a very knowledgeable agent, you will be able to laugh every step of the way. Contact him to work directly with him!
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